The 2ndlook blogs group try to give its readers a 360° view of the past present and probable outcomes. These four blogs have each a different focus. The common value that runs through these blogs is an invite to readers for discussion and participation – with a proviso of no personal attacks or use of invective.

2ndlook Gravatar2ndlook

With a focus on history, long-term trends, economy, political and social models. A blog that works to breakdown propaganda for what it is. The first blog of the group, over the four years of its existence, it has managed a monthly traffic of more than 10,000 hits.

Quicktake ProfileQuicktake

Quicktake focusses more on current events, recent events, reports, media buzz, matters of topical interests. Typically, Quicktakes are shorter than 2ndlook. Sometimes a few Quicktakes, morph into a 2ndlook post.

St.PT BarnumSt.PT Barnum

A forum that takes a lighter or satirical view of weighty matters.

Posts on this forum are rare.

Behinf 2ndlookBehind 2ndlook

This forum is a visual record of the times. Historical prints to current cartoons, this is the latest in 2ndlook group of blogs.

  1. Namaskar
    i would like to applaud for your postings on all of your blogs. Could i use some of your postings and data therein and translate them as it is in Hindi ( of course mentioning all credits to you). it would be a eyeopener in the Hindi belt world of blogs?


  2. Kudos for your ceaseless research on history and de-propagandize them. I am in total awe of your works. The big picture you present about the happenings in the history is worth loads of applaud. While I was overwhelmed by the 2ndlook itself, the new series behind2ndlook is even more praiseworthy.

    More power to you.

  3. Nice blog…enjoyed my first visit.
    I am a cartoonist and blogs at http://www.drawnopinions.blogspot.com and innocentlines…pl. visit

  4. consider mentorship ! or Welcome us aboard.

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