Perspectives on Pakistan

Is Pakistan A Free State? Cartoon by Zahoor in Daily Times, Pakistan  |  Click for image.

Is Pakistan A Free State? Cartoon by Zahoor in Daily Times, Pakistan | Click for image.

Of the P5 powers, only Britain and France are nuclear neighbours.

USA, Russia and China are separated by entire continents.

Britain and France have not fought a war with each other, after the alliance in the Crimean War (October 1853 – February 1856).

After the Crimean War (October 1853 – February 1856) ended in the defeat of Russia, Britain and France together have fought two world wars.

And emerged victorious.

The Anglo-French alliance is now a 150-year old.

India’s reality is different.

India has a rather difficult neighbourhood.

China and Pakistan both being nuclear-weapons states. India has fought war(s) with both China and Pakistan.

Iran is on the thresh-hold of becoming a nuclear power, if the US is to be believed.

This makes it essential for India to test its options with greater care than other country in the world.

India cannot be complacent or dependent on the goodwill of neighbours.

Nor can India become a war-monger like Israel.

Unlike Israel, India does not have the financial, and armaments supply umbrella of and by the US.

These factors make India’s defense doctrine and foreign policy into a complex exercise.

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  1. May be Mongolia,but then Mongolia isnt a threat to either Russia or China…:P

    • Exactly.

      Mongolia has not been in war with either China or Russia. India has been at war with both Pakistan and China.

      Neither is Mongolia itself a nuclear power. India is.

      Nor have Russia and China ganged up against Mongolia. In fact Russia and Mongolia had a very strong alliance for a long time. But in case of India, China-and-Pakistan have declared themselves to be all-weather friends – with Indian being a common competitor.

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