More Noise … Instead of Censorship

Have we got used to spoon-feeding by a hyperactive media? (Cartoon by Don Addis).

Have we got used to spoon-feeding by a hyperactive media? (Cartoon by Don Addis).

Global media is dominated by a few news agencies.

In fact five – Reuters, Bloomberg, UPI, AP and AFP.

These agencies in turn are fed by various think tanks, NGOs and research organizations, which then dominate global debate.

Same story on the internet.

In the last few years, top 10 websites control 75% of the web traffic.

Hollywood dominates the big screen.

Big media, kept at arm’s length, separated by chinese walls from the State, keeps the myth of Free Press alive.

For instance the highly flawed model of Transparency International, promotes a narrative of corrupt Africa and Asia.

To dominate the debate, censorship is not the only solution.

It is not even a preferred solution.

More noise is equally effective.

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