Starving India to India Starring

Much before the current Great Recession, across newsrooms in US, the rise of BRIC was being highlighted. (Cartoon by Stuart Carlson, 2005).

Much before the current Great Recession, across newsrooms in US, the rise of BRIC was being highlighted. (Cartoon by Stuart Carlson, 2005).

At the end of WWII, US and Britain were the victor superpowers. The military might of these two (with Russia) had defeated the German, Japanese and the Italian war machines.

Based on their position, they rammed through international frameworks which perpetuated their positions.

Like the UN (with P5 Security council members); Bretton Woods and the World Bank and the IMF that cemented the US position – and of the US dollar

Soon after Indian Independence, India’s minister, KM Munshi was sent to the US for food aid.

In a newspaper interview Munshi described India’s precarious food position – as ‘inherited’ from the British Raj. Ship-to-mouth he said, it was.

The decline of US and UK from there and India’s rise, washes away a number of economic and political theories.

All theories in fact – except Bharattantra.

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  1. Wait and watch.It is becoming more and more obvious that rather than the Empire being driven out of the colonies,that it had decided to appear to leave.
    The hounds of death have physically retaken North Africa with the greatest of ease.

    AFRICOM and MI6 are about to break up the new African nations and balkanise the continent, unleashing a century long London financed bloodbath of tribal wars.Sudan has been split,Nigeria is next.
    USA troops in Uganda.
    All out psy ops and destabiliation of more states.

    The WWF parks are full of pseudo gangs being trained by BAF to attack Uganda.Congo.Nigeria etc.
    Pakistan is gone.Globalists openly speak about creating three new states.
    Ten years ago,a Pakistani told me of the torrent of Saudi money and missionaries that was being directed at Chinese Muslims.
    This was long before the recent disturbances.

    China is not a unitary state.
    It is an empire with dozens of defeated races,many of which have always been treated as inferiors.
    I know many Chinese,.Ancestor Worship? They forget nothing.
    When their chance arrives they will take it,similar to USSR,five hundred years of Russian control and influence ,vanished over night.

    China and Russia are the targets in some “Great Game” power play.
    The Crown Corporation retook Ireland with a click of Rothschilds fingers, I am Irish,We lead the Empires supposed break.

    India,a huge market,yes.
    But here we are in a post industrial world.
    No need for workers,India has too many.
    We had our engineered famines as did India..Bengal.

    Do not expect any better from the heirs of Mountbatten and Churchill, We are still sub human natives,nothing has changed,they just hide it better.
    Take Care.

    A different perspective.

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