Faction Feuds of Desert Bloc – Should India Get Involved?

Jihad and Westernization (Cartoon by Miro Stefanovic).

Jihad and Westernization (Cartoon by Miro Stefanovic).

Unlike Bharattantra, Desert Bloc polity is based on competition – and not cooperation.

Desert Bloc factions will fight each other to death – whether it is Karbala or WWI or WWII.

These Desert Bloc factions may portray (and even believe) that they are different – but the killing and the loot remains paramount.

Did classical Indian texts have Desert Bloc propaganda in mind probably when they described the idea of maya.

For instance, modern America, calls itself Land of the Free – after having the largest prison population in the world.

500 years after the so-called Renaissance, the Roma Gypsy remain a persecuted minority in Europe.

2ndlook defines Desert Bloc

Meshing and gnashing – The Clash of civilizations

India – The Shashthipoorthi Purana

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