Campaigns in Maya

Cartoon by Ted Rall; Publication date: 3-19-07; Source and courtesy -

Cartoon by Ted Rall; Publication date: 19th March, 2007; source and courtesy -

After WWII, the world saw a new era of borders. Soviet Union erected the Iron curtain, China a Bamboo curtain, the West, a Paper curtain.

These curtains were devised to stop people. From coming in (in case of the West) or going out (in case of the USSR and China).

For decades the West demonized the Soviet Union, positioning itself as the Free World.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, we have seen a new campaign – Demonization of Islam.

Run along the same lines. For similar reasons.

Oil and money.

Since, this campaign is still in its infancy, less than 20 years old, it is not fully understood, or analysed.

India with the third largest Muslim population in the world, also gives Muslims the greatest freedom that they can get anywhere in the world, has been co-opted into this campaign.

Without most Indians even knowing that they are being used.

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